The 2014 Deaf Conference started yesterday here in Austin, Texas! We had a great Texas BBQ! Many new people have come from different states and countries; yes, Australia and Canada are here!! More importantly, the presence of God is with us. We met a wonderful young lady yesterday who walked in off the street, and we were able to encourage and pray for her – she later came to the BBQ!! God has great things in store for those who are searching for Him, and need answers to their hurting hearts.

Unfortunately, this year “live stream” is NOT available to us here at the church in Austin. We apologize for the inconvenience. Many of our UPCI churches do not have “live stream” due to the costs involved in doing so. All the day and evening sessions are being recorded, and will be available on the Deaf Evangelism website in a few weeks following the Deaf conference.

Please continue to pray for the Deaf Conference and we hope to see you next year in ???? Promo Video coming soon!!!

2014 National Deaf Conference

19 days away from the 2014 National Deaf Conference! Hard to believe!! The “Mail-In” Registration form is still available and can be sent with your $45. You can also register when you arrive in Austin.

We would like to encourage you to take time to fast and pray for this conference! We want those attending to come home encouraged, re-focused and committed to this ministry in a new way. God is calling us to a Higher Level – Revival is about to break open! Satan is fighting hard – we MUST stand our ground and fight back through prayer! Let’s stand together in unity of Spirit and Purpose!!

We are praying for God’s hand of protection on those of you traveling to Austin. If you are unable to attend this year – please be in prayer with us for the conference – we are working to provide “live streaming” of the night services, so you will be able to watch from home!

Click the “REGISTRATION” tab in the upper righthand corner of this page to take you to the link and the registration form, or scroll down to the next Post.

Hope to see you in Austin, Texas!

2014 National Deaf Conference

God has great things in store for those who attend – new vision and direction!! The “Mail In Registration” is still available.

Checks should be made out to the UPCI Multicultural Ministries: Memo: Deaf Conference

National Deaf Conference Registration 2014

OnLine Registration is also available at:

If you or someone you know has something to sell at this year’s Deaf conference, the form is now available to fill out to become an exhibitor. This is a great opportunity to show off your skills, gift ideas, and make some money at the same time.

If someone you know is venturing out into their own business – this would be a great place to introduce their product!!

Participants to the conference are always looking for things to buy to take home to friends, family, or someone who maybe helped to sponsor their attendance at the conference.

Vendor Form